Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Honda and NBC's Last Comic Standing

Honda is introducing its 2009 Pilot in TV commercials that have comics doing 30-second stand-up routines while sitting down, in the passenger seat.

The commercials appear on segments of "Last Comic Standing" for the last few shows of the season, through the end of May. the NBC show allows viewers to vote for their favorite comic.

Comedians who are not in the show do their shticks while one of the show's hosts drives and cameras roll.

Will viewers think the funny commercials are enough to overlook gas prices that can make you cry, not laugh, and buy the 2009 Honda Pilot?

The current 2008 Honda Pilot is rated at 15-16 MPG city and 20-22 MPH highway. That is not a great drive -- that is a great gas guzzler.

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