Friday, September 26, 2008

Corvette Museum Honors Military Veterans

The National Corvette Museum hosts the first “Vets ‘n Vettes” event to recognize the American men and women, many of who are Corvette owners, who serve in uniform. The event is schedule for November 7-8, 2008, as part of the museum’s Military Appreciation Month and Veterans Day.

The event is open to everybody, whether you own a Corvette or wish you did, or if you just want to participate in the two day festivities and tour the museum and Corvette Assembly Plant, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, including the annual Veterans Day parade on Saturday. There's also the opportunity to take a great drive -- a scenic road tour -- to Ft. Knox to tour the Patton Museum of Armor.

The Corvette Museum features more than 70 rare and classic 'Vettes plus concept models that never made it into production, plus the one-millionth Corvette produced. A current exhibit is called Three -- it features one Corvette of each model year ending in the number "3" - 1953, 1963, 1973, 1983, 1993, 2003 -- including the 1983 Corvette pictured here.

By the way -- the National Corvette Museum is not a General Motors museum. This is a member-driven, non-profit foundation dedicated to "continuing the mission of education, preservation and celebration of the Corvette’s past, present and future heritage" The mission statement does not use the words 'iconic American sports car'. It should, because it is.

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Check out over 100 life size dinosaurs in an outdoor dinosaur musuem just up the road from the Corvette Museum on I-65, Exit 53 in Cave City. You can't miss the big T-Rex on the side of the road.