Thursday, July 31, 2008

What to Do After a Driving Accident

Of course, I hope you never have a driving accident. But if you do, the DocuDent kit is a great resource to have at the ready, in the glove compartment.

The moments after a road accident – whether or not it was your fault – are a stressful blur, and not the time to be searching frantically for a pen and paper to write down all those important accident details. Let alone to try to remember exactly what information you need to collect from the other guy for your insurance claim, for the police, or both.

DocuDent is a handy kit that contains everything you need, inside a zippered pouch about the size of your overnight toiletry kit. Think of it as an auto-accident kit.

Instead of toothpaste, this handy kit contains the following --

  • An accident report form that includes spaces for the names and addresses of passengers or witnesses,

  • A pen to write it all down with,

  • A whistle, just in case,

  • Band-Aids, just in case,

  • A disposable film camera with flash to take photos of the accident site, more dependable than a cell phone camera that has no flash,

  • A gadget the size of your MP3 player that is a combination measuring tape and flashlight.

DocuDent also includes a handy pocket guide that suggests what photographs to take, and what you should not say to the other guy.

If you have a loved one heading off to college this fall, this is a great gear idea for the glove compartment. Consider it a $20 insurance policy.

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